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Testimonials from our FEEDBACK handouts


    “I was very lucky to participate in a wonderful 6 week on-line course, ‘Living Mindfully in a Global Pandemic’ developed and led by Caroline Stewart. Caroline is a wonderful teacher, bringing warmth, insight and a tremendous sense of calm. Her sessions worked really well in an online format, involving people in small group and plenary sessions but putting no pressure on anyone to contribute, unless they wished to. We made on-line friends over the six weeks and always came away refreshed, re-focused and ready to experience the joy of the everyday. Thank you, Caroline.”   Alice, Holywood, April, 2020

    “With all that is going on in the world right now, I found joining in on Caroline’s Daily Meditations and Weekly Workshops online an absolute life saver. It has helped me to become mindful of what is going on in the here and now and gave me a place of solitude. Amazing sessions delivered on line via Zoom, so much so you felt like you were actually face to face with others. Lovely way to connect, thank -you Caroline.” Claire, Bangor, April 2020


    “The course was well prepared, delivered in a professional, yet reassuring, style and we were all made to feel comfortable and relaxed whilst dealing with, what for many of us, were unfamiliar and, perhaps uncomfortable, topics. An unforgettable experience! I really enjoyed the course and believe that I will benefit from it greatly and will use what I have learned through the rest of my life.”

    “This course was an eye- opener. I have learned a huge amount and feel calmer, happier and more responsive to the here and now. It has given me a tool kit to use when things are tough. Thank you so much.”

    “It is a very insightful and worthwhile course. It brings a very different perspective to your everyday life.”

    “Really liberating to learn about an approach which is within us anyway – and not something that needs a load of new learning – Simple, effective, easy to grasp but with a HUGE impact” (05/06/15)

    “This has turned on a switch of self awareness that will thankfully never be turned off! Thank you”

    “Would highly recommend this course for anyone as it really gives focus in this crazy, fast-paced world we live in!” (03/06/15)

    “ Course was VERY BENEFICIAL. Clearer vision of the world around, better connection to people, less stress/fear and more smiling!” (03/06/15)

    “It is not rocket science, and anyone can learn to appreciate life more, lower stress fear and anxiety and just see the world clearer. You will get better relationships, more worklife balance and enjoyment. The BEST investment I have made in time, in my life. 8 weeks for a better life. If I can do it there is hope for everyone (03/06/15)

    ‘It’s all so logical – how did I not see this all before??!” (03/06/15)

    “The course was fantastic, very well presented. I absolutely wouldn’t change a thing”

    “Absolutely superb. I could not have asked for a better course”

    “Extremely beneficial. All aspects of mindfulness were explored and explained in depth”

    “Helped me become a more compassionate person to others but just as importantly also myself. Its so freeing to realize we are not our thoughts, we are so much more”

    “ This course has been transformative for me. Caroline is a wonderful teacher, knowledgeable and warm-hearted in equal measure, from the personalized phone call before commencement of the course to the ‘capping off’ after week 8. Everything was delivered in an extremely professional and person-centred manner.”

    “Everyone should do this course to wake themselves up from the stresses of everyday life and learn to appreciate the moment”

    “Excellent use of theory and practice – time just flew!”

    “Everyone should do this course and the world would be so much better”

    “For someone who knew nothing about mindfulness, the 8 week course has been enlightening. The thing I will take away from the teaching is “Mindfulness is not about trying to make sense of anything, its about attention to the moment”

    “Best money I have ever spent. Improved wellbeing, concentration, sleep, patience and happiness – Couldn’t put a price on it. I would highly recommend this course to anyone with an interest in their wellbeing.”

    “A big learning I have taken away is my attitude towards “self-fixing” I feel that this course has helped me to step away from a solution/single solution mindset to a mindset that is more embracing of the richness of experience and journey. How to be more accepting of me, I am not there yet, and that’s ok. But hey – at least I’m here!”

    “I came to the course not knowing what to expect. I thought it would be a solution to my “problems” I realize now that I am the solution and always have been. This course has given me clarity and self- acceptance and I am proud that I have been able to achieve this” (Jan 15)


    “Excellent ‘teaching’ style – providing all information in a calming, relaxed manner, encouraging open discussion.”

    “Caroline is a great facilitator – very gentle and kind but very honest and firm at times”

    “Extremely well delivered. Everyone kept on board – Great empathy displayed on behalf of facilitator. Meditation tone was amazing.”

    “Caroline was extremely engaging, eloquent and approachable throughout”

    “Caroline was very knowledgeable and approachable”

    “Opportunity to ask questions and to learn from others in the group”

    “Caroline presented the course beautifully. Her quiet voice just right for mindfulness”

    “Caroline has a lovely way about her, she obviously ‘lives’ what she teaches”

    “Caroline was brilliant – everything was so well explained and Caroline was always open to questions”


    “ I found the silent retreat day like a ‘massaging of the mind” (05/06/15)

    “Brilliant experience in a lovely peaceful environment”

    ““Right up there with one of  life’s best experiences!” (03/06/15)

    “It is certainly an experience that I will never forget. I will certainly repeat it if I get the chance” (05/06/15)

    “Superb facility and layout of day, excellent.”

    “Really loved this location, beautiful backdrop to the practice”

    “I loved it. The location being in the middle of nowhere felt solitary. The building was warm and had a calming effect. It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to my next retreat.”

    “I really enjoyed the retreat. I thought I would have found it challenging or uncomfortable but I didn’t. I found it easy to find space alone even amongst others and I enjoyed the silence a lot.”